JADS Dive Center is located near the Southeastern tip of Aruba, in between Baby Beach and Rodgers Beach. JADS is a family owned business, which was established in 1999 the company name of this dive shop reflects its family spirit through its name. Every letter of “JADS” represents the first initial of the three siblings of the shop owner as well as his own first initial.

Starting out as a small beach shop, it has now transformed into a fully equipped dive center and is also slowly brining the old Nanki Country Club back to life. Nowadays, almost half of the Nanki Country Club has been restored. Back when the refinery first opened on Aruba in 1928, Nanki was ‘the place to be’ for residents of Seroe Colorado, as it served as a social hotspot offering a bowling alley, restaurant and nightclub. Fast forward a couple of decades, you can now also grab a bite to eat or enjoy a nice cocktail at Rum Reef Bar & Grill, located right next to the dive shop.

Although our dive shop has grown, we strongly strive to treat our customers as family. We try to accommodate individual wants and needs, just as we would expect when going on vacation ourselves.