Join us and dive into the pristine waters of Aruba. Surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, diving is mostly done on the south side of the island and also the West side over by Palm Beach. Aruba is popular for our beautiful wrecks like the Antilla and the Jane Sea. The Antilla is the biggest wreck on Aruba, measuring approximately 400ft/122m feet in length.

Aruba has many beautiful dive sites all around the island, from exquisite shore dives to the beautiful reefs and wrecks offshore. These sites are known for the variety of fish. You can also see stingrays, turtles, barracudas, moray eels and much more. Noteworthy is that the Lionfish can also be found in our waters since 2009. They are a beautiful, but an invasive species, which has no real natural predators on the island, except for the “lionfish hunters”. Fortunately, the lionfish population on the island seems to be reasonably controlled by the contribution of many hunters out there culling these tasty fish. This way, we protect the reefs along with small fish, crabs and shrimp and we get a meal out of volunteer work!

JADS Dive Center will bring you to the most exciting dive sites on the south side of the island combined with the famous Antilla wreck and Arashi reef on the western side of the island. Having our boat located just behind the airport (15 minutes from the hotel area) ensures that you have less boat time and more time to enjoy your dives. Additionally on the day we go to Antilla the boat will pick you up at the Hadicurari pier (the pier just behind the Marriott Hotels).

You have no rental car? NO problem, JADS provides free transportation to all our divers staying in the hotel area. Pick up time starts at 8:30 am starting with the Ritz Hotel.

Boat Dives- Sites are Subject to Change Due to Ocean Conditions:


9.00 am 2tank Renaissance Airplanes & Sponge Reef


9.00 am 2tank Jane Sea Wreck & Barcadera Reef


9.00 am 2tank Morning Star/Mi Dushi wrecks or Bali Barge wreck or Topaz wreck & Balashi Reef (DEEP DIVES, 90FT~130FT)


 9.00 am  2tank  Arashi Reef & Antilla Wreck


9.00 am 2tank Captains Choice (Sites to be determined-south east side)


9.00 am 2tank Captains Choice (Sites to be determined-south east side)


9.00 am 2tank Kantil Reef & Barrel Gardens

Boat Dive Site Descriptions

Renaissance Airplanes: Two airplanes sunk on purpose. The Convair 340, is a wreckage, broken up into pieces by hurricanes who passed close to Aruba and the YS-11, which is still fully intact, both lay at an approximate depth of 85ft/26m. Both of these planes are right off of the reef.

Sponge Reef: A reef filled with different types of colourful sponges. Reef slopes down until approximately 90ft/28m.

Jane Sea Wreck: Cement cargo ship sunk as an artificial reef back in the ’80’s. The wreck is encrusted with corals sitting upright right off a beautiful coral reef. The bow is approximately at 60ft/18m and the propeller is at 90ft/28m. The wreck is right off of the reef.

Barcadera Reef: Nice hard coral reef area which has slopes going down to about 90ft/28m.

Morning Star/Mi Dushi Wrecks: The Morning Star wreck is a freighter that has her middle section hollowed out. She was sunk in the 1980’s and her depth is about 90-120feet/28-37m. Next to her is the Mi Dushi schooner that was sunk in 2015. She used to be a snorkel boat for tourists. Now both wrecks serve as a dive site and for the Atlantis Submarine. After the wrecks, we finish the dive on a nice reef.

Topaz: This wreck was sunk sometime in the late 80’s or early 90’s as a dive site but it is very deep. Shallowest is ~110ft and deepest is 140+ft. She is a metal boat with her center open. The engine housing is sitting next to her.

Bali Barge Wreck: This barge was the bottom of the Bali restaurant that was moored in the Renaissance Marina. Her depth is about 90-140feet/28-43m. She was sunk in the 1980’s. After the wreck, we finish the dive on a nice reef.

Balashi Reef: This reef has hard and soft corals, an abundance of different fish, and depending on which way the current is going you can even see a slope/wall. Depth ranges from 5-70ft/1.5-22m.

Arashi Reef: This young reef is filled with surprises. It serves as a cleaning station for green and hawksbill turtles, so if Mother Nature permits, you will be able to see at least one on this dive site! You will see patches of reef, hard and soft corals, plenty of schools of fish all at a max depth of 50ft-16m.

Antilla Wreck: A German freighter sunk on purpose by its own captain in 1940, so if would not be confiscated by the Dutch government on the island at the time. The wreck is approximately 430ft/130m long and lays at a max depth of 55ft/17m on a sandy bottom. However, the wreck is covered in coral and has plenty of marine life surrounding it. Due to its age, we do not penetrate this wreck.

Kantil Reef: A nice reef area with plenty of hard and soft coral. The reef goes down into a slope, even resembling a wall that goes down to approximately 100ft/31m at one point.

Barrel Gardens/Tire Reef: A nice reef area that obtained its name due to the presence of several coral encrusted tires (the tires are no longer there). Plenty of hard and soft corals can be found, not to mention an abundance of different fish. This reef goes from 10-80ft/3-25m. Around 40-60ft/12-18m you can find big barrel sponges surrounded by soft corals.

Harbor Reef/Tug Boat: A gentle sloping reef with a lot of soft corals with patches of hard corals and a sunken tug boat around 85ft/26m.

Fingers Reef: Beautiful reef formations resembling the shape of a finger. The reef can go down to 120ft/37m, but we usually stay at a max of 90ft/28m to obtain an average bottom time and accommodate different experience levels.

Masbango Reef: A gentle sloping reef with patches of hard corals and some soft corals surrounded by sand. Depth ranges from 20-60ft/6-18m.


Shore Dive Site Descriptions

Mangel Halto:  Inner reef is 55 ft deep. A shallow sandy bowl, ideal for training dives and Discovery Scuba Dives. The outer reef is max 90 ft. and has an abundance of marine life, including soft and hard coral and plenty of fish.

Rocky Beach (Puerto Chiquito): Sloping coral wall with lots of life. Reef goes down to 90ft/30m.

Baby Beach: Towards the south end of the island with lots of life and big corals. Drift dive max 55 ft.

Santana di Cacho: Towards the south end of the island, with lots of life and big corals.

Cabez Reef: Tip of the south end, jumping off a 10 to 15 ft cliff, a lot of life. Strong currents, only for experienced divers.

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